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Our story begins in Kyushu, Japan, where the local community was looking for a satisfying snack that uses natural ingredients and delivers real health benefits. We developed a new technology to pop and bake our chips, leaving them delightfully crisp and virtually oil-free.

We then looked for exciting new ways to maximize the health benefits and flavor profiles of our chips. We do this by using freshly harvested, GMO-free produce grown by local farmers in Japan. We have to admit that we’re pretty pleased with the result. And we’re delighted you can now enjoy a whole new, healthy way of snacking.

Manna Foods International

Manna Foods international is the mission oriented company who incorporated in Japan that manufactures and distributes uniques food snack product line based on patented infra ray process. The company based in southern island in Kyushu Oita region, seaside town where famous for hot springs and rich natural food resources. Using locally grown fruits and vegetable, we strive to cooperate with local farmers and realize to reduce food waste by creating healthy potato based vegetable chips.

A customer letter

This year, our family found out that my daughter has a rare and difficult to treat disease which affects one in 1 million people. It was shocking, a life-changing event suddenly happened to one of our family members. We all tried our best to adopt our snacking habits to prevent my daughter from feel lonely, and her brother even would hide himself not to show his snacking moments to his sister. Our primary care physician advised us to buy snacks that are easy to digest that would benefit her body, but this was extremely difficult to find, as most snacks are greasy and difficult to digest. My journey to find healthy snacks had begun. One day, I was at the store and found a snack named “Yakijaga”. I was not sure if it was the right kind for her but decided to give it to her to try. As soon as she tasted it, she was all smiles and finished the entire bag of chips. I could tell her joy and happiness from her motions. I could not imagine from looking at her that she is the same child who used to be in ICU, hovering between life and death. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity that we could regain the memories in which all our family members can enjoy the same snacks and share joyful and loving family time. From the day I found these chips, they are not only my daughter’s but also my entire family’s favorite potato chips! I send my gratitude to all the people who work to make this product and hope more distribution can carry this chip throughout the world so that more people can recognize that there are special chips in this market, and will find the same solutions for the same health problem as my daughter has.

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