Chips With Benefit

Our Sourcing

We partner up with our local growers first to develop the new flavors to help our community.

Our goal is to minimize food processing and deliver the health benefits of each ingredients through our chips. We pack nutritious value and exotic flavors from fruits and vegetables from Japan!

Kitsuki Matcha

Sustainably Sourced

Our far infrared dried fruits are made by selected fruits and vegetables from our local farmers. Enjoy discovering the great flavor of our delicious Japanese fruits.


Our trusted dough-making partner, who we have a 20-year relationship with, makes our traditional mochi dough. We pop the dough first then slowly bake it. This eliminates the frying process that causes any trans-fat or acrylamide to occur.


“食“ means “eat” in Japanese. This character is a combination of “人= human” and “良 = improvement”.

As a snack producer, our first value is to deliver snacks that make people happy and nourished.

Food safety & Quality policy

We always put our consumers’ health and safety first in our business, and we will provide delicious products by choosing healthy ingredients and safe production methods.